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Apple TV 2010 : Review

Sunday, October 3, 2010 , Posted by "Fageria" at 12:55:00 PM

                              Apple TV 2010 : Review

Here it is, Apple's 2nd offering of their set-up box for providing content into the couch potatoes within each of us... the new Apple TV. Priced at $99, this black curved box that fits perfectly into your palm offers new functionality as compared to their previous offering. One is their rental service that allows you to watch new shows for a limited time for $0.99 per episode, then high definition movies at $4.99. Another new function, one that they call as "AirPlay" allows the pull-off audio/video content from your iPod/iPad/iPhone to your Apple TV with a push of a button. Content from your computers/laptops onto your TV is also simple through this thing. These and more after the break with the review of the new Apple TV.
Interface + Content
The general interface is what appears in the capture above, you're presented with a series of menus for Movies, TV Shows, Internet, Computers and Settings, each having a list of options to select from. Selections for Movies/TV Shows allows you to buy or preview content, rate selections or add a particular selection to your wish list. All in all, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to grasp the overall interface and control it.

Setting up your Apple TV is also fairly simple, you just need to sync it with your iTunes account and you're good to go. Although as mentioned in the remote control, text input can be cumbersome as it is done through a long list of letter presented to you instead of a QWERTY-like keypad.

As for the content themselves, they're relatively easy to rent. For movies, you are given a day to watch them while 2 days are for TV shows. Unwatched content are then stored for 30 days. Renting content is also not limited to the Apple TV as you can do them with your iPod/iPhone/iPad. But, you can't do it the other way around.

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